Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bond. James Bond! Care to trade?

Shell made a roadshow last week in shopping mall in my town. One of the events was quiz. An easy quiz which answers straightly provided by the staffs, though the questions weren't that hard at all (duh!).

So me and my gf took the quiz, 8 easy qs and less that 5 minutes, all done. But surprisingly, the prize for that cute quiz was this;

A 007's Sunbeam Alpine 5 from 1962 Dr. No movie starring Sean Connery. This Sunbeam Alpine 5 is one of 5 other Bond cars from Shell promotions.

It was on sale at all Shell pump stations in Malaysia last year. The final collection from the promotion came with silver briefcase, like Bond's. The briefcase set is now on sale on ebay for US$40 I guess. The seller is Malaysian.

I'm not into this collection. So I plan to trade it, if anyone love to keep it. The trading is simple, find me one cheap S2000. That's all. Put your address in the comment or e-mail me, and I'll reply..

Let's put the price of this car US$2 for your reference.



What happens in Vegas..not actually stays in Vegas..

Coz it might end up in some other places, like my place..

Enjoy this Honda S2000 Muscle Machine that I got thru ebay, thanks to frenchfryjack from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I waited for almost a month, until one day, my mom told me that mr. postman came to visit, asking for me to claim a parcel.

I realized it was a week delayed, forcing me to rush to the post office a day before they close for Chinese New Year..pheww!!

Luckily I managed to claim it..and here are the pictures..

..Viva Las Vegas, and this time, I 100%ly guaranteed that the seller is a guy...

..what a suspicious wrapping, and I guess the labeling let it passed the custom's scanner..

..owh, wow! There it is..the bright, sparkling, orange, hyper tuned Muscle Machine...
Well, this item is actually a loose/used box, cheaper too..but still worthy..

..nice GT wing, click on picture to see what's inside the cockpit, under the dashboard on passenger's side, damn NOS tank!..

..a turbo inter by Yokohama, and a lil scratch on the nose..

..what's with that white dots??..

..the shiny chrome gives a little effect on the piping.. seats, don't know what brand..but I just consider it as Bride's..

..among other big names on this model are Yokohama and HKS, beside Aero-Duo itself.. much like Fast & Furious movies..

..pops the hood, reveal the 'power'...

And so, like others, this 1:64 Muscle Machine gives me the relief, the passion and the excitement. And also, it makes me forget that I'm broke...sigh!

Comin' up to turn your standard factory to an autoshow machine, brought to you by Motor Max!

See yaa..

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When will I get this one?

The answer is, never (yet possible)..!!

Went to car accessories shop yesterday to check out some new and fancy stuffs and stickers, and I saw this dude, installing Apex-i Vtec controller on his S2000..

With my close relationship with the shop's owner, I stole a chance to get close to the machine, sitting in the cockpit, enjoying the comfort of the Bride seats and even stepping on the pedals.

The moment went on like five minutes. But that five minutes of my life time is the most exciting. Coz I love this car so much. It's like spending time with Lady Gaga (?)..

I was so excited I forgot to snap photos, except for this.

ah, thinking back...that dude owns only one S2000. I own plenty, even though they're only miniatures..

ps: This S2000 is not the same S2000 as I featured in one of my earliest post. Different owner, but still in the same gang. Now they're three S2000s in my town. Impressive!

I'm broke!

Yes, I'm broke.

My financial status is so bad for this month and next. I have to manage few things on my car, I mean my real car. Taxes, insurance, summons, oil check, engine check and stuffs..

Plus debts!


So, I have to slow down the hunting. But, still there are few S2000s to come into my collection. One item I ordered is not yet received. Maybe this week or next. If received, I'll share.

While wait, I'll just keep on do the calculating, some planning and some brainstorming..of how to manage my financial.

I wish barter trade system still practiced!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Choro Q, a special gift from ebay Japan!

..well not really a special gift since I have to buy it..but this Choro Q S2000 is specially designed for ebay Japan ( guess..

And this one is the one that confuses me with the other item, like I mentioned in the previous post..because the Japanese criteria on it that makes me confuse, thinking that it came from Japan, well maybe it did, but seller who sold this were from Hong Kong...bla bla bla..long story short, enjoy the pictures.. usual, the package..

...I remember I tracked this number before...

..birdy stamps (I guess there're only birdy stamps in HK)..

...and this one creeps me out, are all ebayer that I do business female?...I believe Virginia is girl's name...

..Voilaaa!!!..'s a pull back, and very kawaiiii!!! See that 'humpy thing' inside? It holds the pull back 'vtec engine' underneath it..quite crowded, but yet cute!..

..and super cute!

I love this Choro Q so much, I even play with it sometimes..heh, there's a boy in every man remember..hahaha..

Last, but not you guys have any idea, why the seller sent me this along with package??

Hahaha..till next!

Monday, February 1, 2010

Reminds me of Thumbelina..

In the previous post, I mentioned that I've been waiting for an item that I bought thru ebay for a very long time. And I also mentioned that that item was from Hong Kong.

And last week, it was finally arrived, but it wasn't from Hong Kong! It was from Japan!!

I was totally confused it with other item that I bought, which was arrived in the same week! I'll share with you the other item and why I've been confused by them..

I'm so sorry for this mess, haha!

But, let's forget that..and enjoy what I'm about to share..

So, guys! I present you...Kyosho Miniature Honda 1:100 S2000!!!

...but before that, I was quite surprise by its size, though I already knew it is 1:100 in scale..

..and the surprise continues as I open the box!...

...and became more surprise as I put it on my tiny, and yet so detail! Just look at the interiors, and yes, the tires are rubbers...

...and this product also comes in many other models such as classic Civic, NSX and S2000 ancestor, S800...

With the scale of 1:100, I now officially pronounced that this S2000 is the smallest S2000 in my collection! Like the title, reminds me of Thumbelina..

Thanks to ebayer, that I forgot his name from Japan for this cute item. Well, now, you are forgiven and it is worth a wait!