Sunday, April 18, 2010

Maisto Master Chapter 4: Elektra!!!

Oh dear!

It's been months since my last update! So many probs, so little time to solve' em..So many S2000 to buy, so little cash..hahaha..

But actually, it was my job that killed me and my leisure time to update this blog. But, still, I got times to get couple of mini S2Ks within that period..

As I promised in the previous post, I wanna share with you guys my MotoMax Tuning Garage S2000..But, I think, I just skip that one, and introduce you this Maisto Ultimate Marvel Collection..ELEKTRA!!!

Well, I believe comic fans know Elektra..I'm not goin' to introduce her since I'm not her fan at all..and also, the spin-off movie Elektra (starred Jennifer Garner as Elektra) didn't make big money on screens..and I don't care..hahaha..

What I care the most is when Marvel and Maisto team up to produce this kinda rare collection of S2000...I looked it over ebay, found the cheapest price and without doubt, I bought it!
So, a quick look to it...
Nice packaging, cute car and so worth to have it in my collections...
Well, after this Elektra, I got plenty new mini S2000s in my collection. I'll try to update whenever I bump into free times.
So, see ya next time!