Sunday, January 24, 2010

2 weeks.. news!

Coz I got no new stuffs to share (in fact I got one, but just playing lazy to share)..

Plus, my mood kinda running off coz one of my purchased ebay item still no arrive. It's 1/100 Kyosho...the seller said he posted the item using mail package on January 1st..but after 24 days, still nothing.

The item located in Japan, as I remember..and base on my previous purchase, items from that part of the world normally reach my door only in a week a two. But this one takes almost a month!

I don't blame the seller, yet. Maybe there are some technical difficulties on the postal service, customs, and taxes, whatever...

But still, according to ebay policy, I may file a report on the seller coz he says that the item should be received by buyer on 7-14 days..

Urghh..this one is hard, but that's online shopping, everything is risky!

Apart of that, there is another item to come, from Hong Kong, and let's hope this one reach to me right on time, securely...


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Hot Import Night from the USA!

Hot Wheels is one of my favorite toy car manufacturer.

They are many in stores, but to find S2000, is so very hard. Until ebay saves my hunt..

After long weeks of viewing it, and yes, dying to get it, last few days, my dream came true.

It came straight all the way from The States, thanks to ebayer my-college-fund. I hope my purchase will help you pay tour tuition in college!

I think, Lisa is a girl's name..and she's from California!! Another thought for Fast and Furious!

..not a letter, but receipt. Good seller...

..granted sweety!.., she knows how to keep it secured, with element of surprise, let's dig it!

..and voila! Me baby!!!!...

..Owh, wow! It's so beautiful! I will never set it free...

I want to keep it mint in the box forever, coz I believe that's the only way to keep it precious.

So, see yah!

Sunday, January 10, 2010

From the land of windmills, tulips weeds..

...comes this little lime 'mean' green Realtoy S2000! Thanks to ebayer Laureen (I don't know whether this person is a he or she) from The Netherlands for this item.

So, here's the story..
The parcel, in envelopes..

Ahhh..Nederlands stamps..good for my other nerdy collection..hahaha..

Lots of polystyrene foams..and guess what, the toy is wrapped in tissue! Cute!..

..and let's reveal it..there, nice lil' lime greenish car!..

1/56 in scale, and I love that rims!

..simple and easy rear plate, but still look good!..

..and last but not least, the 'H' emblem is red, which is, actually, a logo for Type R!


And wait for my next item that I received, also thru ebay..this time from the US..Stay tuned!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Electric powered?

Well, that's what I think..or maybe that's what it really is...

An S2000 with electric power, instead of fuel..

Don't believe me? Well see it for yourself here.

I'm not that much of environmentalist..but I support Greenpeace and WWF.

And now I also support this dude!

Nice ride, nice effort dude!

No more S2000..

Not the toy one, but the real one.

After 10 glorious years, in 64 countries, 110,000 were sold world wide (65,000 in The US alone), Honda finally ended S2000 productions last 2009.

I believe, with the end of the productions, the value of this Japanese roadster will increase as thousands of fans demand for it.

And I hope the production of the toy continues, as I know that never in my life that I will get the real one...Hahaha..

The articles are here and here, and many more if you googling.


Red Hot Real X!

I forgot to check my mailbox for the past weeks until last Monday. And surprisingly, I received a notice from the post office, asking me to claim a parcel. The notice was sent on the 30th December 2009!

Knowing that it was almost a week delayed, I rushed to the post office and claim that precious cargo..

And yes, It was from Hong Kong..And I know what's inside..

But first, let's bring it home..and reveal it in steps..

The parcel..and by the way, nice birdy stamps..I'll keep them..haha..

..owh, there it is..


..set it free, for photo shoot purpose only.. far, it is the smallest scale in my collection..1/72..cute! small yet so detail, just look at this close up..even the tires are rubber..

Well, thanks to ebayer motor-center from Hong Kong for this beautiful item.

I promise I'll check my mailbox often.

Opps..guess what, yesterday I received two new packages, one from The Netherlands and the other, I have to confirm back by claiming it from the post office.

I'll share..see ya!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Maisto Master Chapter III: Custom Shop.

My girlfriend has a car that she bought almost a year ago.

This car, well, you know, when it comes to female owner, must be as standard as factory manufactured.

Me, that drive a modified and face-lifted Honda Civic 90, feel so discomfort and uneasy every time I drive her car...

So, I decided to make a little change on her car, and luckily, she agreed. This is very rare for a girl to accept boy’s ideas in such particular matters regarding their belongings.

Comes to this Custom Shop Series from Maisto, makes me crazy too..and without doubt, I bought it, and that was the time my girlfriend questioned me a lot about my action..haha!

But forget that, and let's have look..

Nice packaging...and let's see what it looks like..

Nice color, baby green, with orange line on it..and some orange about a racing custom yes?

Look at that detail parts..two pairs of speakers, orange seats, chrome gear console, sporty steering wheels and of coz, a flat screen...a nice touch for a custom!

But, like the Special Edition's, its tail lights also fail..It just a paint, and not smoothly done..You can see some of the paint job looks untidy..

However, the front looks quite OK..

..with this under lips..or what ever you call it..

Chrome pipe, break discs..

..that leads to Brembo caliper..(click to view large image)..

And yes, a VTEC that'll kick you out!! Pranggg!!!

This is one of my favorite. And yet, there's another one. I'll share..but meanwhile, something just flew right tthru my door days ago..All the way from Hong Kong!! Par Avion!

Wanna know what it is?

Stay blogged!


Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Maisto Master Chapter II: The Abandoned S2000.

This one wonders me a lot.

Is it abandoned?

Fail packaging?

Stock clearance?

Unsold resale?

Bla bla bla??

Why I'm asking all these questions?

Because this Maisto Special Edition S2000 is not on the list of the product's new release and packaging.

The box also have no details about this S2000. Not a model's name not even a credit to Honda.

But it still in the market. Why bother? So I bought it.

The specs are still the same with the previous Special Edition's. Also European Version S2000 but this one comes in red.

And nope..I won't set it free as I want to keep it 'mint in the box'. :)

See ya in the next chapters..

Monday, January 4, 2010

Not just toy cars..

Elliot and his S2000. Picture taken from his web.

Working in the office bores us sometimes. Pen and papers give us a headache!

But PC and internet, well this is the here, will bring you to this guy, Elliot who collects S2000.

But, wait! Elliot here is not only collect die-casts. He also collects, t-shirts, posters, magazines and some other stuffs..including, a real S2000!

Way to go dude..!!

He's been around since 1999..or a year earlier and I don't know if he's still online or not..tried to search for his blog, but nope..can't find it..he only left his e-mail, and I wrote to him..

If replied, and I get something, I'll share.

Owh, one more thing..he warns us in his web; Nothing Here is for Sale!, (but he puts a price on every item)...

So, guys..don't ever try your luck to get them! Hahahaha..

Maisto Master.

Greeting collectors!

This post remarks the first post of Maisto Master chapters. 'Coz up until now, most of my collection are Maisto.

So, let's check it out...

I got this for half price from whole sale store in my town. The price really surprised me because other store sells it for almost RM80! (approx USD22)..You can see the yellow price tag, that is the old price, replaced by the white tag..the sale price!

It's a Special Edition series, and this S2000 is European Version, which is, left-hand drive..

Movable hood and doors, nice headlamps, detailed engine, red seats...

...rear-view mirror, and one other thing that I like the most is, the door, smooth, and completely done! Almost real...almost...but...

....a pair of fail tail lights..It doesn't have to be plastic, but at least..try to paint them more realistic, instead of one big blot of red a fake nail.. plate, with both Honda and S2000 identity font..

..and one rough heart! VTEC...pranggg!!! Just like my real car's..hahahaha!!

..easy job, Sawasdee Thailand!

..and finally, a standard rims for S2000...

I love this Maisto so much..I enjoy playing it, and yes..I do mean playing it..not like a kid's playing..but, well..I'm sure you know what I meant by 'play'....

Next, I'll bring some curiosity about another Maisto that I have..Maisto mystery should I say, that really leave me in clues..but not that much!

Have a good 'hunting' day!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

How can I forget 'bout this one?

It's on my table since my first day in the office. It's there and always there. It's Hot Wheels Acura NSX Malaysian Edition, which I bought couple of years ago..

It IS right in front of me eyes everyday (during my presence at the table, which normally not that always), yet I still cannot 'see' it...Hahahahaa...

But, anyway, yes..this Acura NSX is maybe the first Hot Wheels that I bought..owh, wait! There was Ferrari when I was 10 or 11...but, to this date, I consider it's the first.

A little specs; It's a racing car, with red sparkling sport rims, thin tires, air scoop, red tint, racing stripes, silver/chrome interior, GT wing, Acura emblem on the hood, grayish black coat and sport seats..detailed!

On both sides, are number 22 with some names on it, maybe the drivers name (I don't know wether those are real person names or not).. M.Cheung and K.Chao..

Simple on its under, with Hot Wheels mark, and there you can see the word, MALAYSIA..

I still keep it. But if anyone love to have it, then we'll do some trade..Get me S2000 and this NSX is yours.. :)