Wednesday, December 30, 2009

What a long weeks...

Well, I don't have time to update. To be exact, I DO have time to update, but I don't have cameras to snap photos of my collection. Phone camera isn't good for some close ups and nice shots.

My girlfriend still holds my camera. And I always forget to ask for the camera every time we go out for a movie or dinner.

During that period also, I was busy settling my paypal account, ebay account and verifying my Visa card. This is the very first time I try this hard to get everything verified. I once had an ebay account, registered paypal and have a Visa. But every time I want to make a purchase on ebay, I got bumped!

That was the nightmare I told you before!

So, with this hobby getting huge, and may passion to S2000 models are hotter each day, I struggled myself to get into ebay. I asked friends who've done it before, I googled about the tips and process..Until I found one money-making blog that teachs people how to register completely with paypal, getting Visa verified and accepted, and how to do all the transactions in paypal. The blog is so good, and so detail.

I followed the steps, so many steps, and days and phone bills (calling my Visa provider to get verified for the process)..and finally, voila!!!!!

EBAY BUSINESS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Man, if only I knew about this before...

So, the first very week since I got verifed, these are the things I bought, THRU EBAY people!!!! (talkin' bout excitement!).

All of these items are on their way from HK, The Netherlands and The USA to me home.

Sorry for the small image. For security, hehehee...

I'll share with you guys once they arrived.

*For security reason, I only buy cheap stuffs first, and once I got'em all in safe, I'll get the BIG one!

Sunday, December 20, 2009


I was googling S2000 to get new ideas and products last night, until I found this site...

Screen shot from the website

It's in Japanese, and I don't know whether this huge collection of S2000 is his or he just 'collect' various S2000 toys photos from the web.

But whatever it is, that is totally ONE BIG COLLECTION OF S2000! And mine is not even 1% close to that total...

I'm, totally freaked out..totally!

Can't say anymore, coz I'm jealous! hahahahaa...

Follow this dude on his twitter (even his twitter account is Japanese)..

I'll update soon..


ps: anyone who knows Japanese, please translate and let me know..thanks!

Thursday, December 17, 2009

A reminder to myself, please study the things you collect!

Image from

Owh, dear. I've studied a lot about Honda Civic, especially Civic the 4th (89-91 models). Too many specs, chassis series, engines type bla bla..that I need to know, to master my ride.

But when it comes to S2000, I know nothing. And yet I collect the models. What a fool..!!

So, I study them thru wiki..and here's the link, to share.

Ah, I'll update my collection soon. I've been busy lately, and my girlfriend borrows my camera. I can't do photo shooting.

So, just stick around. And I'll be back...daaa!!

Sunday, December 13, 2009

Rise of the Silver Surfff..S2000..

I was busy hunting for S2000 last weekend...I found three cool S2000 from Maisto..Two of them are customs edition. Once i get my payment, I'll get those three..Haha..

But meanwhile, this is my second S2000 i got for my collection. I never took it out from the box. Let's check it...

This S2000 is manufactured by NewRay. Comes in a very nice box, with Honda logo and trademarks on it. The box also looks kinda old skool, that makes it classically sentimental...

Thinking of launching it every time i get bored! Hahaha..

Proof that this product is permitted!

A very comfy red leather seats...The only contra things on this model..

And so..The hunt continues!!

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Nope, this is not Bumble Bee..

I got this yesterday. I bought it thru internet. Not Ebay, but some local trading site, It's a Malaysian version of Ebay. Nice!

This cute little yellow S2000 is very simple. Manufactured by Tomy with the scale of 1/57.

So, here it is.

The rims are so standard, and funny too haha..

No Honda emblem behind..Only on the front hood.
The headlamps is like a mirror..reflects your image...

Simple, black interior..

Yes, it was made in China, again...somewhere in 1999 I guess. And it's smaller than my phone..

And finally, one cute commercial pose! Haha..thanks!

Wednesday, December 9, 2009


Almost a year ago, I went to one of the famous shopping mall in Kuala Lumpur (KL), and I saw this Takara Tomy's Transformers Autobot Arcee-S2000 figure.

During that time, I just looked at it by saying, "Haha..Arcee? A Honda? And with a masculine look? What a lame!!!"...Everyone knows that Arcee is 'woman' robot in Transformers (TF)...But seriously, this Arcee looks too 'macho'...even for a female robot..

Now, I lick back my spit! One of top things of getting this hobby done is, by having that Arcee. And I realize, to fullfill that dream, is to travel back to KL, which is 250 km away from my town.

Until one day, while I walked in the mall in my town, I saw Arcee, displayed in video games and collectibles store.

There were lots of figures from TF and animes but my eyes were hardly locked on this Arcee. Knowing that, that IS the only chance for me to get it, I walked inside and place a deposit, to secure that it'll be mine since I got not extra cash that time..haha!

Next 17th (payday), I'll claim Arcee..and one of my dreams will end! And sure, I'll share the relief with you guys.


Owh, I'm dying for this!!!

One of my favorite car model manufacturer, is Tamiya. The best thing about Tamiya is, you can custom your model, the way you like it! You can paint it, you can change the parts, you can do this, and that and all..phew!

I've been thru Tamiya Malaysia website to find this car. It's not there. I go to's there. But I can't get it thru Ebay coz my debit cards have been denied! Hahaha..Plus, I'm not really into Ebay, coz I had one worst experience about them before.

So, I keep my search on. I googled and I found this blog, This dude owns a TAMIYA HONDA S2000! Damn! Here's the picture of his S2000, taken from his blog!

Nice isn'it!? So detail! So, impressive! So speechless! Even this dude knows how to put in on camera! Great work, and nice touch dude! Brilliant!

Sadly, his last post was on early 2008. No more from him since then. I wonder where he is now. But dude, if you read this, reply me back..maybe we can do some business here eyh? Haha..

And yeah, to all of you who got this one too...reply me!

Damn, what a cool model!

One of my first...


So, as I promised..i bring you one of my first S2000. Well, this S2000 is like the baby of my hobby. Because it starts it all. I bought it on sale. Half price..haha..and I was so excited the day I bought it.

As u can see, it has a very nice metallic-sparkling blue color and like any other diecast car model, the doors can be opened. It doesn't sold in box, but on display, it says "Honda S2000 Japanese Version". Well, I don't really catch how JDM S2000 looks likw. But here you can see, it's not a convertible. It has roof built together with the body. So, maybe, it IS JDM.

Nice back side eyh?? With brake light and brilliant tail lights and S2000 plat. Owh, and that two exhausts and Honda emblem too...nice!

The scale is 1:32, Made in China (well..) And there you can see, it says Japanese Version...And the company that manufactured it is KINSMART. Ever heard of it? Coz I don't..

Let's check out its interior...

Wow, nice leather seats! Haha..

And a very detail works on the dashboard. You can see the aircond panel and fins, meter panels and almost every little thing in the cockpit. Nicely done China!

Beside all the details, it's still look pretty dumb to me. I mean, it looks too standard for S2000. So I guess, I'm gonna put a lil' make-up on it. A carbon fibre hood, maybe some stickers on both sides, or...a sport rims. Heh, just wait for my creativity to strike then I'll post the new look of it!

Well, that's it! This is my first S2000 collection. Hope you enjoy, and share it! Thanks!

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

This one is real!!

Hey, before I start with my S2000 collection, here's something i want to share.

But first, I want to let you guys know that my town is a small town. It's not, yet, a city. So, if you're wealth enough to own such big, luxurious and rare (in terms of small town rare) rides, then you're one BIG WEALTHY A******S! Easy to be spotted! Haha..

Like this one Chinese dude in my town. He owns one kick-ass REAL Honda S2000!! That IS totally awesome! And yes, S2000 isn't my really interest. But when it comes to real one..result may vary! You know?

This dude runs a car accessories shop. So far, his domination is the best. And no wonder he gets the real one.


*Photo credits to zul_izwan ( members)

Finally, a hobby...

I read on newspapers couple of weeks ago about a guy who collects stuffed Elephant. Also, in the same columns before, an article about housewife that collects 'ducks'; wooden ducks, clay ducks, ceramic ducks..any kind of decoration ducks.

I became so attracted to this kind of cute little hobby after that. So, i decided to find out what items should I collect....

To begin this idea, I look back to my interest, of what THINGS that I like the the list goes with figures from Star Wars, Transformers, Pirates, Super Heroes, T-Rex (haha), One Piece...blah blah blah!

But none of them satisfies my interest. Why, because to collect those stuff requires big money and a big 'hunting effort' too, which is, I don't even have both.

So, I move on to my next interest, that is, Honda. Yes, I drive a Honda. Civic '90 Hatchback. But to collect Honda car diecast model, especially from Civic series isn't that easy. Because, i couldn't find them. I do lotsa googling, but still, there are less that I can find.

But i see many Honda S2000 model in toy stores and malls. And they are very easy to my budget. So, I want to collect them. And now, I'm doing it..I collect Honda S2000..Hahahaha...It's easier than I thought!

But wait! Remember I said that I collect things that connect to my interest. Well, S2000 is not my real interest, totally. I rather drive my old Civic..Why? Heh, you know why...

So, in my next post, is my first S2000...hahaha..So, that's all for the intro! Thanks!

ps: The English is broken so everyone is understood. :)