Thursday, May 20, 2010

Finally, it's TAMIYA!

In my early post months ago, I've mentioned that I want a Tamiya S2000 so badly. 'Coz I grew up with Tamiya when I was a kid (remember Dash Yankuro?).

I spotted this Tamiya many months ago thru eBay. Got the money, ready to be wired, but still not ready.

Because I waited for the cheapest one. And my waiting finally paid off as I found the cheapest one from Hong Kong! (not that cheap as it was $2 less than other items)...

With high confident, I clicked the Buy Now button, and week after that..voila!

..but the box got smacked as I received it. This is one of the most feared thing, that might happen to the packages while they travel. We never know how safe and secured it might be! Not to mention, LOST!.. I opened!!!..Can't believe it's in my possession!..

..but the problem is, to resemble them. It requires many equipments. And equipment that hardly to find is, the paint. The paint, as stated in the manual, must be applied on many parts, including on the tiny-miny parts. And that little parts, are so little, and only a tip of paint needed! So, I figured out myself, why waste money on paints? $5 for a bottle, and not even half of the bottle needed, and I got to have almost 20 bottle of paints!! Pheww...!!

Think it'll be good enuff to have them boxed!

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