Sunday, May 16, 2010

Mugen Choro Q!


I'm back again...this time with my new Choro Q! It's a tiny yellow Mugen Choro Q!

Well, Mugen is my favorite Honda engine tuners and part manufacturers. Though I love it, doesn't mean I have them parts on my car. Coz Mugen parts are hard to get in my place, and even if they are, the price are totally killing!

To know Mugen, click here.

So, come to this Choro Q Mugen, I got it from eBay almost month ago. The size is smaller than any usual Choro Qs, and I believe it came with cofffee cans back in Japan.

So, let's just see it..

Cute eyh? Haha...I think that's all...till next! Daaa...

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