Thursday, February 18, 2010

Bond. James Bond! Care to trade?

Shell made a roadshow last week in shopping mall in my town. One of the events was quiz. An easy quiz which answers straightly provided by the staffs, though the questions weren't that hard at all (duh!).

So me and my gf took the quiz, 8 easy qs and less that 5 minutes, all done. But surprisingly, the prize for that cute quiz was this;

A 007's Sunbeam Alpine 5 from 1962 Dr. No movie starring Sean Connery. This Sunbeam Alpine 5 is one of 5 other Bond cars from Shell promotions.

It was on sale at all Shell pump stations in Malaysia last year. The final collection from the promotion came with silver briefcase, like Bond's. The briefcase set is now on sale on ebay for US$40 I guess. The seller is Malaysian.

I'm not into this collection. So I plan to trade it, if anyone love to keep it. The trading is simple, find me one cheap S2000. That's all. Put your address in the comment or e-mail me, and I'll reply..

Let's put the price of this car US$2 for your reference.



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