Wednesday, February 10, 2010

When will I get this one?

The answer is, never (yet possible)..!!

Went to car accessories shop yesterday to check out some new and fancy stuffs and stickers, and I saw this dude, installing Apex-i Vtec controller on his S2000..

With my close relationship with the shop's owner, I stole a chance to get close to the machine, sitting in the cockpit, enjoying the comfort of the Bride seats and even stepping on the pedals.

The moment went on like five minutes. But that five minutes of my life time is the most exciting. Coz I love this car so much. It's like spending time with Lady Gaga (?)..

I was so excited I forgot to snap photos, except for this.

ah, thinking back...that dude owns only one S2000. I own plenty, even though they're only miniatures..

ps: This S2000 is not the same S2000 as I featured in one of my earliest post. Different owner, but still in the same gang. Now they're three S2000s in my town. Impressive!

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