Thursday, February 18, 2010

What happens in Vegas..not actually stays in Vegas..

Coz it might end up in some other places, like my place..

Enjoy this Honda S2000 Muscle Machine that I got thru ebay, thanks to frenchfryjack from Las Vegas, Nevada, USA. I waited for almost a month, until one day, my mom told me that mr. postman came to visit, asking for me to claim a parcel.

I realized it was a week delayed, forcing me to rush to the post office a day before they close for Chinese New Year..pheww!!

Luckily I managed to claim it..and here are the pictures..

..Viva Las Vegas, and this time, I 100%ly guaranteed that the seller is a guy...

..what a suspicious wrapping, and I guess the labeling let it passed the custom's scanner..

..owh, wow! There it is..the bright, sparkling, orange, hyper tuned Muscle Machine...
Well, this item is actually a loose/used box, cheaper too..but still worthy..

..nice GT wing, click on picture to see what's inside the cockpit, under the dashboard on passenger's side, damn NOS tank!..

..a turbo inter by Yokohama, and a lil scratch on the nose..

..what's with that white dots??..

..the shiny chrome gives a little effect on the piping.. seats, don't know what brand..but I just consider it as Bride's..

..among other big names on this model are Yokohama and HKS, beside Aero-Duo itself.. much like Fast & Furious movies..

..pops the hood, reveal the 'power'...

And so, like others, this 1:64 Muscle Machine gives me the relief, the passion and the excitement. And also, it makes me forget that I'm broke...sigh!

Comin' up to turn your standard factory to an autoshow machine, brought to you by Motor Max!

See yaa..

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  1. Nice details for a small scale... love the color....